The main functions of Corporation are to procure essential commodities like rice, sugar, wheat, etc., storage and movement of such stocks for its distribution from the Taluk operational godowns to various public distribution system outlets through the Co-operative Societies and other agencies. The Corporation also under takes procurement of paddy, hulling, and utilization of rice under decentralized procurement system. The Corporation runs 23 Modern Rice Mills, 36 Kerosene Bunks, 22 Amudham Departmental Stores, 1,413 Public Distribution System outlets, 3 Petrol Bunks and 5 LPG agencies.



    The present authorized capital of the Company is Rs.70 crores and the paid up share capital is Rs.52.66 crores. The turnover of the Corporation is in 1972-73 was Rs.12 crores. And it touched upto Rs.8220.67 crores during 2010-11. During 2011-12 Rs.4,900 crores was received as subsidy from Government of Tamil Nadu and a sum of Rs.1000 crores was received as Ways and Means advance from Government of Tamil Nadu for carrying over procurement operations.